Book reviews

Book review by a Past President of the Royal Town Planning Institute

This is a beautifully presented and clearly written guide to the delivery of better designed streetscapes. There has been plenty of literature bemoaning the inadequacies of design, signage and traffic management in our cities, but this book sets out practical and positive solutions with the aid of some excellent examples of good practice. It also suggests how the many different disciplines and bureaucracies involved can be brought together to achieve collective goals.

Highly recommended for architects, engineers, planners, politicians, community activists and the every day users of our towns.

Robin Thompson
(Past President Royal Town Planning Institute)

Review in Planner magazine, December 2018

Architect and planner Colin J Davis is the author of this entertaining guide to what constitutes good streetscape design. There’s a comprehensive range of examples with supporting photography and illustrations, and much consideration as to what constitutes good street planning practice. The work that has gone into this book is extraordinary.

Review by Andreas Markides, Past President, Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation. It is well written and makes all the key points

Review by Gesine Junker, Urban Designer, TfL. This is a very well illustrated compendium on the key issues in public realm and how to address them. It should be on any practitioner’s desk

Review by Huw Hamer, Associate at WSP & Head of Profession – Highway Design at Hertfordshire. Highly recommended. There has been a lot of interest amongst my design engineers.